CCE - DAS Specialists Australia Wide

Central Communications and Electrical Contractors (CCE) have a background in electrical works (standard power and data installations). Since 1997, our team of highly skilled designers and installers have served clients throughout Australia. We offer premium products, such as signal boosters and mobile repeaters. Most importantly, we provide turnkey solutions for your wireless enhancement needs. Whether you need installation or distributed antenna systems, we are here to serve your needs. With skilled and experienced resources available for the design, drafting, installation, testing and commissioning of your in-building system, CCE deliver hassle free (and intermod free) solutions.

CCE has experience in delivering carrier approved IBC DAS systems within high-rise office buildings and hotels, shopping centres, hospitals, sporting arenas and building construction sites. We design and install systems supporting all carrier technologies through using passive, hybrid and active solutions designed specifically to current MCF standards and associated carrier requirements. CCE uses only the highest quality carrier approved cable, components and antennas and along with carrier approved designs providing comfort and security in the validity of the system from design through handover. This approved process includes;

  • DAS Design & drafting
  • Getting Design approval from Carrier(s)
  • Access agreements with building owners
  • Supply and management of materials
  • Installation of DAS
  • Testing of DAS
  • Passive Intermod eradication
  • Site Commissioning
  • As-Built Documentation